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Seattle TMJ Dentist

In Seattle, it's possible to find some of the finest dental care in the world.  David Buck, DDS is one of the highest regarded dentists in his practice of neuromuscular dentistry.  If you suffer from TMJ pain, Dr. Buck can help.  At Broadway Dental Center, Dr. Buck helps people suffering from TMJ disorder with neuromuscular dentistry techniques.  TMJ pain is a disorder that manifests itself with chronic and debilitating pain in the head, jaw neck and sometimes shoulders.  TMJ often goes untreated because it is so easily misdiagnosed. If you have chronic head, neck or shoulder pain and your doctors cannot find the source of the pain, often they will only prescribe pain medication.  If this sounds familiar, please call us for a neuromuscular exam.  As a neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Buck is trained in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorder and can offer treatments for long-term relief of your pain without pain medications.  As a specially trained neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Buck has the tools and experience to properly diagnose and treat TMJ pain.  Dr. Buck treats TMJ disorder with non-invasive neuromuscular dentistry techniques learned from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, where he has been an instructor for many years.  Due to this standing, Dr. Buck is one of the leading dentists in the field of treating neuromuscular disorders. If you have chronic pain in this area, please contact us today for more information on our TMJ treatments.

Dr. Buck and Broadway Dental offer Advanced Dental Services

Seattle is a celebrated city full of vibrant and dynamic people who are very sophisticated and expect the best in care and service from a dentist. Dr. Buck, a Seattle native and University of Washington dental school graduate, loves Seattle and its people. He has dedicated the last 26 years to providing outstanding dental care to the community.   As a result, Broadway Dental offers patients the most advanced dental services in addition to dental health services for the family.

Located conveniently in downtown Seattle, Broadway Dental Center's featured services include implant placement, neuromuscular orthodontics, sleep apnea treatment and TMJ treatment with neuromuscular dentistry.   Dr. Buck performs these treatments with the latest technologies and most recent advances in technique.   Many do not realize the major health implications that are affected by conditions such as TMJ, sleep apnea and missing teeth.  Dr. Buck's advanced treatments for sleep apnea, TMJ and dental implants have an impact on your entire health.  Please read more detail on these pages deeper on our web site.

If you are ready for a new dentist or a new approach to your dental care, you should meet Dr. Buck for a consultation.  Broadway Dental is located in the heart of Seattle with onsite, convenient parking.  Dr. Buck has one of the most comfortable and technologically advanced dental offices in the city.   From being a 5 star Envirostar rated dental office, to one of only a few office to have same day dentistry for custom CAD/CAM milled all ceramic restorations, Dr. Buck will exceed your expectations. He is a faculty member at the most prestigious post graduate training institute in the country (LVIADS), and lectures both nationally and internationally to dentists on advanced dental techniques. He is an expert in the treatment of TMJ, and has a regional reputation for excellence in providing non-toxic adhesive dentistry. Few dentists have had as much experience placing high technology bonded ceramic restorations that protect and preserve teeth, and are also indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Biocompatible Dentistry and More

As an LVI-preferred dentist, Dr. David Buck serves the entire Seattle area with his brand of biocompatible dentistry at Broadway Dental Center.  In addition to Dr. Buck's focus on treating TMJ disorder with neuromuscular dentistry, dental implants, sleep apnea and neuromuscular orthodontics, Dr. Buck also practices sedation dentistry and general dentistry, such as root canals and crowns.  For crowns, Dr. Buck offers same-day dentistry using E4D technology, meaning the days of returning to the dentist to replace a temporary crown with a porcelain crown are over.  In addition, Dr. Buck has long been a proponent of biocompatible dentistry.  For most, this means white fillings but it is much more than that.  Replacing old silver fillings that can leech mercury into your system is an important health consideration.  Dr. Buck replaces such fillings with white composite fillings that are fully biocompatible.

As a sedation dentistry practice in Seattle, Broadway Dental is a family dental clinic that you could call a pain-free dentist. We have many methods of sedation so that you will not experience anxiety while we perform your dental care.  We work easily with patients who are particularly nervous about receiving dental care or who simply want to have all of their dental care completed in just a few appointments. And, for all patients, we offer a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere you should expect with a professional service.

Teeth whitening is also a very popular service offered at Broadway Dental Center. We offer BriteSmile Whitening, which is an in-office laser whitening system that is also nationally recognized. Teeth whitening, which is also known as teeth bleaching, is one of the most popular first steps in cosmetic dentistry.  It is frequently the first cosmetic dentistry a person will try. As a Broadway Dental Center, Dr. Buck is prepared to help you make minor changes such as teeth whitening, and full-scale reconstructive changes to create an ideal smile with porcelain veneers.

In Seattle, porcelain veneers are a common way to create and maintain a beautiful smile. Porcelain crowns, cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening, implant dentistry, general dentistry treatment of TMJ disorder and sedation dentistry are all our specialties at Broadway Dental Center. We are a Seattle dentist you can trust to make sure your smile looks great and functions perfectly

Please contact us today for information on any of these services.

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