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Porcelain Veneers

Many dentists claim they are cosmetic dentists, but few have extensive training in this complex area. Dr. Buck has committed to the best most comprehensive training possible in cosmetic dentistry at LVI (lvilive.com.) Because of his demonstrated excellence in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Buck has been invited to teach other dentists at the Institute (LVI).

Dr. Buck can provide the most life-like and beautiful all porcelain restorations that are bonded to teeth. This technology provides the best protection and strength for teeth. In fact Dr. Buck was one of the first dentists in Washington State to stop the use of mercury-containing amalgam fillings and has mastered the use of non-metal bonded restorations. Dr. Buck's practice is still to this day one of a very few practices to be completely mercury-free. Because of this long-standing regional reputation for excellence in non-metal dentistry, few dentists have had as much experience in placing bonded high technology restorations as Dr. Buck.

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