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Julius' Story


What a difference a few months made for Julius. For years, his sleep had been disrupted by sleep apnea and its most obvious symptom: snoring. Operating on low energy, he often found himself powering down during the day wanting to nap here and there because he rarely got a full night of restful sleep. His wife even used to joke that Julius had “carcolepsy” because he often fell asleep in the car. Clearly, rest was an issue

When Julius decided to do something about his sleep apnea, he started with his family doctor. “My family doctor recommended a sleep study,” he said. “But I didn’t go because I knew the solution would be a CPAP. But, they are noisy, loud and inconvenient and I knew I wouldn’t use it. I needed another solution.”

Soon after, Julius talked to colleague at work that overcame his sleep apnea issues with an oral appliance. “It sounded like the perfect option for me,” Julius said. “Because I travel, I needed something that could work even on a plane. Yeah, I was that guy who falls asleep on plans and snores! I needed something like an oral appliance that I can use anywhere.”


Julius was already one of Dr. David Buck’s dental patients. So, it was an easy choice to explore the process with Dr. Buck. “Dr. Buck took the time to explain all the steps of the process and what to expect,” Julius said. “It was a very positive experience overall.”

After all the proper examinations and fittings, Dr. Buck fashioned an oral sleep appliance for Julius. Now, when he sleeps wearing the device like a mouth guard, Julius‘ airways remain open during sleep. Using neuromuscular science, the mouth guard positions Julius’s jaw to maintain an open airway. There is no snoring and the harmful effects of sleep apnea.

“Sometimes if I fall asleep without it, when I snore, it’s such a jarring feeling to my body now,” Julius said. “In a short time, it is really surprising what a difference the appliance makes for me.”


After a few months of using the oral sleep appliance from Dr. Buck, Julius is experiencing all the benefits of restful sleep. “I’ve got more energy and more focus now,” he says. “Dr. Buck told me my dreams would change and it’s true! My dreams are now more vivid and more interesting. Sleep used to seem so functional and transactional, like a chore I had to do. Now I want to go to sleep! I see what I was missing!” And, yes, his “carcolepsy” is a thing of the past now that Julius is so well rested.

Recently, a friend visited Julius’ home and brought a CPAP machine for his sleep apnea. It was the same solution that had been presented to Julius initially. “There was no way I could do it, ” Julius said. But, of the oral appliance from Dr. Buck, Julius says, “It’s been life-changing. And, the solution is so portable - I carry it with me wherever I travel by literally putting in my pocket. I have even worn it on a plane and nobody noticed. It is very discrete, and I have worn it every single night since I received it. This oral appliance for sleep apnea is one of the best things I have ever got for myself. And my wife loves it, too!”

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